Archetype question

Are there different types of archetype syntax? (i’m not sure how those are called),

the basic one you get when using “hugo new” is:

Title = “Viper : Go configuration management with Fangs”

Starting with “+++” and using quotes as limits

but i saw some mardown file using the syntax starting with “—” instead of “+++” and I find it nicer to use, is it possible to use it for archetypes? i tried but it gets automatically converted to the standard +++ one.


ps: I checked the doc and the search engine, but i have no idea how those markdown syntaxes are called,

The “+++” and “—” denote the different front matter formats

thanks this helped a lot!

as reference, for people searching to use yaml as default, the answer is here:

You can specify a different default format in your site-wide config file
(e.g. config.toml) using the MetaDataFormat directive.
Possible values are “toml”, “yaml” and “json”