Apply weight to taxonomy values across site?

Hi, I have a taxonomy called “neighborhood”. I would like to list items by their neighborhood, but be able to dictate the order in which the neighborhoods are displayed. So if I have items belonging to neighborhoods “a”, “b”, and “c”, I 'd like to be able to tell hugo to display items with “c” neighborhood first, then “a”, then “b”.

I understand the ability to do this in the front matter. But I have a lot of items and maintaining all of their weights individually isn’t feasible. Is it possible to apply a weight to a taxonomy value as opposed to each individual item?

This depends on how you’ve architected the site. Are you talking about including “related” pages in a single-page layout that shows other items from the same neighborhood? Or are you talking about sorting by two different attributes (that is the weight and the neighborhood value)?

  1. You could always range through the Taxonomies and look for each of those values. That’s if you only have a, b, and c. Then again, if it’s in the front matter, you could put that front matter key-value in a variable, and then set your templating to range through the taxonomy and only match the first n matching entries.

  2. You could do some filtering on the client. This wouldn’t be too hard to write and you could add a dta attribute on each sectioning element.