Sorting taxonomies by weight

Hi, I was wondering if there’s anyway to order taxonomies by weight, in addition to the current methods?

Longer description of what I am trying to do…

I have a sidebar containing a list of links (see Currently it’s built using a combination of manual and dynamic placement.

In each of the linked posts, I have some front matter that look like this:

series = [ "overview" ]
series_weight = 40

The series determines which topic header the post should belong to. Then in my side-manual.html, I manually place the topic headers in the order of “Overview”, “Sequence” and “Configuration”.

Within each of the topic headers, I list the content of the series by weight like

{{ range .Site.Taxonomies.series.overview.Pages }}

What I love to be able to do is somehow place the topic headers by weight, instead of having to create 3 sections in my side-manual.html. I know I can get the series terms today but they cannot be ordered by weight.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I solved this problem a different way. But this would still be useful.

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