Anyone got an example of Hugo pagination output on a live site?

I’m looking for a site using the default hugo pagination but with a decent number of pages (say 5-10 pages or more). Basically looking for an output html snippet I can add to the living styleguide I’m building.

Seems all Hugo sites I look at have done away with paging like that…

I’d recommend browsing the hugo themes for a pagination implementation you like.

For example, see Bud Parr’s Ananke theme post list page

That’s not what I’m asking for, implementation is easy :slight_smile:
I’m looking for an existing site with a lot of content that’s implemented the default pagination. I want to see the output so I create an html snippet of the output.

Worst case I’ll just have to make a fake site with a load of pages, but I thought I’d try the lazy option first =D

Ah, misread your topic :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe someone else on here with many pages on their site can help ya

I hope so. Tweaked the title to make it more explicit!

I’m using it on a microblog of mine, which is new but has a few paginated pages:

Thanks! That’s helpful.

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@RickCogley Some nice links in the microblog - but no RSS?

it is here:

Having looked closely at the built in pagination template and output I decided it’s something I’ll probably never use raw (certainly haven’t in the handful of Hugo sites I’ve built so far). Will use a custom version instead.