Any know how to get hugo autocomplete to work in Git Bash for Windows?

  1. I can’t run the hugo gen autocomplete in Mintty (Git Bash for Windows)
  2. I was able to generate it in Ubuntu Windows Subsystem for Linux.
  3. I can’t get that generated file to run in Git Bash for Windows.

Some time ago, in some corner of the internet, I downloaded a file that was an autocomplete for hugo that I just put in my C:\Program Files\Git\etc folder and somehow, it works. Not sure how, I don’t know what other file is referencing it. Anyway, it’s outdated, hence the desire to generate for the newest version.

Any ideas?

Nevermind. I can’t explain why it was working before, but I put . /etc/ at the end of my bash.bashrc file and it seems to work.