Ananke Theme customizing headers, updated with diagram

I re-named en and fr as I want them to function differently then being a language switch
I want en to be named “Portfolio” and so make it instead of the default “Articles” “Austen” “Contact” to be named something like “Coding” “Design” “Electronics”
I want fr to be named “Blog” and for those headers of “Articles” and “Contact” to instead be “Travels” & “Books”.
For instance, Blog will contain Travels & Books, and Travels & Books will contain individual pages.
When you click Blog, you will only be able to access travels & books. When you click on travels there will be links to individual pages which will each contain an entry.

But when I rename the fr and en folders, the headers (“About” “Contact”) completely disappear & it still says en & fr instead of portfolio & blog.

What am I doing wrong and how can I get my desired outcome?

Photos for reference are in imgur as I can’t post multiple images to show my problem for some reason.

update: I drew a diagram to represent what I am trying to accomplish.
the black circles should lead to a page where I can put a title/description and then it will list links to (6) (7) that have the actual content, the blue representing content of images/text
by clicking (2) it will change (3) (4) (5) into a different set of lists then (1)
(1) (2) → Main pages with their own set of (3) (4) (5),
also containing most recent content pages from (6), (7)
(3) (4) (5) → Category pages that holds different links based off their tag.
(6) (7) → Actual content/post