Am I right with this approach for my specific website?

Hello all!

I’m working on a website for a company.
This company works directly with other companies and also with people.

They want a index page with the logo, some basic informations and 2 links: one for the “pro” section and another for “personnal” section.
The pro and the personnal sections contains some “paragraphs”.
What they want is a “single page application” for the pro and one for the personnal section.

So my solution right now is the following:

  1. Creating 2 sections “pro” and “private” to access them by “” or “”.

/content/pro /content/private

  1. Inside “pro” or “private” directory, adding every paragraphs displayed at the url “” (or /private)


With that approach, I’m able to display every paragraphs (sorted by weight) at “” (or /private) just like a standard single page application instead of using partial like it seems all available spa themes are using (ex: hugo-elate-theme).

The problem is all paragraphs are also accessible by direct url (ex: http// and I don’t want it.

Is there a way to tell Hugo that every .md files must be considered like “partials” inside my list.html and single.html doesn’t exist?

Or maybe you can suggest me another way to achieve my goal?

Already thank you!