Alphabetical Tag Cloud

Hello! I am setting up my first Hugo site using the Minimo theme and I am trying to get my tag cloud to display the tags in alphabetical order.

The relevant code (I believe) is range .Data.Terms.Alphabetical and is found in the theme’s term_cloud.html partial, but the terms are displayed in random order nonetheless. Trying ByCount as a test also has no effect.

Any idea what I need to change in this theme’s template to generate the tags in alphabetical order? Thanks for any help!

Welcome to the forums! I wanted to let you know that it is often faster to answers from the theme’s project issues, if they are active.

Do you happen to have a site using that partial? I can’t find an instance on the demo site. All the posts I found (randomly) have a single tag.

Thanks for the tip @maiki about the theme’s project issues! I submitted an inquiry.

I am currently running the site locally on the test server. But I notice that the example site’s tag cloud using that partial also displays the tags in random order.

Huh, yeah, haha! Good luck, hope they get back to ya. :slight_smile:

Thanks to @MunifTanjim - the theme creator - who responded by adding the noTermCloudShuffle option to Minimo. I now have a working alphabetical tag cloud. Good stuff!