All of the theme demo links are displaying 404 errors

It appears all of the links to demos for themes are currently not displaying, showing a 404 message " The page you’re looking for doesn’t exist. Perhaps you’d like to gopher something else? Sorry.". Is this known/expected? Screenshot attached.

Many thanks + Kind regards.

  1. Some, not all
  2. Theme authors are responsible for theme’s demo site, if any
  3. Theme authors are responsible for providing the correct demo link when submitting their site for inclusion on gohugoio/hugoThemesSiteBuilder
  4. Theme authors are responsible for the links provided in the theme’s README file

In the case of the Zen theme, please raise an issue here:

I have now removed the demo link from the README for the Zen theme. Thanks for alerting me to this issue.

I should have done this when the Hugo theme site was rebuilt.

The repo README is now correct GitHub - frjo/hugo-theme-zen: A fast and clean Hugo theme with css-grid and Hugo pipes support.. The Hugo theme site will get the fix on the next rebuild.

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Thanks for the response. I assume some non backwards-compatible change must have been made at the end re the links (permalinks/slugs/urls) to the demo themes, because I had 13 different Hugo themes bookmarked which previously worked correctly, then when revisiting these bookmarks today they all seemed to be 404. But I understand sometimes changes need to be made!

Many thanks to you and the hugo community.

Note that we (or I) redid the theme builder script some weeks ago; for one, we don’t build the demo sites anymore (too much work; I’ll add that build step as a verification step when I get the time) … So any demo link is provided by the theme owner.