Agency Theme acting differently in hugo server?


Newbie here! I’m setting up a web site for my wife’s business. I chose the Agency Theme from the list marked Company.

My problem is that when I click the “Demo button” ( from the theme page, I get the quick and responsive behavior that I expect. However, when I copy the theme to my hugo directory and run hugo server, I get an ugly scrolling between pages when I navigate via links. I am hesitant to deploy a web site because of this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Ben. I am going to suggest you approach this differently. First, make sure you follow the setup instructions for Agency. Follow all those steps, and try to understand what they are doing. Then you will be able to ask pointed questions.

The way you asked for help here is considered weird, because Hugo as a project doesn’t provide the kind of support you are looking for. Being hesitant to use the software provides no leverage for you, but it comes off as condescending. So please set up the theme and site a few more times, following each of those steps until you understand what those steps do, and then you will have the questions you need to ask. :slight_smile: