After using 'hugo server' do I need to run 'hugo' before deploying?

After I’ve run ‘hugo server’ the links in the output/public folder rendered files have absolute links to localhost:1313… so I then need to run just ‘hugo’ before deploying.

Is this the expected behaviour or should my output folder contain the correct links after using ‘hugo server’?

Hi @David_Smith,

Yes, you need to stop hugo server, and run just hugo to have the proper absolute URLs generated before deploying. :slight_smile:


Hi again @David_Smith!

You may find this interesting. Hugo’s author @spf13 had this to say in his post at

I also want to have a feature where hugo server doesn’t write the destination files to disk, but instead saves it in memory and serves from there. It actually works right now if you just comment out the last line in the hugofs/fs.go file. Using the memory backed filesystem improves build times around 10% according to my rough benchmarks. Yup. Hugo can get even faster.


Wow, that would be a great usability addition (I’ve forgotten to run hugo several times after using hugo server), but the speed increase alone would be worth it. The faster the better :slight_smile: