Advice on directory structure (and where to find info)

Hi All,

I am new to Hugo and not yet know where to start reading.
I looked ad the advice reading page, but could not find the appropriate page.
Please advice.

I am writing a book with other people
We use LaTeX, Git, Gitlab and Overleaf
our book directory is project_name/book

We are also creating a book of knowledge on the broader context in a wiki (markdown).
our wiki directory is new project_name/wiki

What I would prefer to have hugo in a subdir.

I did the following:

cd ~/Projects
git clone
mv ~/Projects/hugo ~/Projects/project_name/.
rm -rf ~/Projects/project_name/hugo/.git

I have used Gitlab Pages & Hugo for my own site and works like a charm.
Goal is that users can choose between wiki and book to add content.

I want to:

  1. Have a clean main dir with project_name\wiki, project_name\book, project_name\hugo directories.
  2. Keep the hugo files in the project_name\hugo dir.
  3. Put the wiki md files into the Hugo dir project_name\hugo\content\page.
  4. Create a symlink from the project_name\hugo\content\page to the project_name\wiki .
  5. Let the pipeline monitor the Hugo dir on pushes, to trigger rebuild only when wiki/website files are changed, and no rebuild (SSG) trigger when the book content is changed.
  6. I assume I need to put the .gitlab-ci.yml in the project_name dir, and keep the .gitignore and config.toml in the project_name/hugo dir.

Can someone advice me in this?
Is this setup possible and what could I read to figure out that to do?

my 2c

don’t use a page section, it can collide with paginatePath = “page” default setting

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Ah. interesting. For me that was the reason to use this as location for the markdown files.