Advantages GO 1.9?

Hello everybody,

Just a simple question :
What are the advantages for Hugo of going to go in 1.9 ?
Are we still winning in build time ? (is it possible ? :slight_smile: )


In my benchmarks Go 1.8.3 vs Go 1.9, Go 1.9 in Hugo is maybe a couple of per cent faster (not statistically significant), but there are some other potential future gains:

  • Go 1.9 adds a sync.Map that that may make our cache constructs faster (we use sync.RWMutex), but probably not very significant and we need to do a job there
  • Go 1.9 has done lots of work on optimizing the strings/byte handling to add quick paths for pure ascii text etc. (and they continue to do so; they did some counting inside of Google where strings.ToLower was in the of the top 5 in use and in 90% of the cases there was no Unicode involved), and I guess they are continuing that work in Go 1.10. This is probably one of the areas in Hugo where we can possibly do better.

See here

There are other pluses for Hugo there, too, as faster builds, smaller binaries, new test helper …

As an added note: People tend to believe that Hugo’s speed comes from Go alone. It is easy to write slow software, even in Go …


You are right. These are clearly earnings of the developers. The same how you can make a website slow even if it’s HTML5 and CSS3. I’m very happy that you and the other folks developed Hugo and keep doing so.

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