Adding RMarkdown html file to website

Hi all! This is my first post, so my apologies in advance if this post is in the wrong place, if I am using the wrong language, or if this has been asked before.

I mainly use RStudio, and I am trying to add RMarkdown files to the projects section of my website in order to show examples of my data analysis work.

I would like for someone to click on a project’s link and an .html document exactly like this to appear:

This .html document is knitted from a .Rmd file that looks like this in RStudio. However, on my Hugo Academic website website, it renders like this.

Ultimately, I would like to show examples of my data analysis work with more detailed themes, using say html_document or rmdformats.

I think what I basically want is to disable the Hugo Academic styling for single project posts. Is this possible? Please let me know if I can clarify anything. Thank you in advance for your patience and help!

I know that MMark is possible, but I don’t remember anyone using rmarkdown.

Could any of the external helpers be used for this?

Yes it’s possible. The different display is to do with which stylesheets (CSS) is used.

If you create that HTML file in Rstudio, complete with the style sheet (either embedded in <style></style>or as a seperate CSS file, you can put the files in your /static folder and hugo will copy the files and folders to your output folder without any processing.