[SOLVED] Writing content with R?


I have Hugo set up on my server and nearly done migrating my homepage from Ghost.

I would like to write something using RStudio and not sure how to approach it.

Do I create a repo for my homepage and pull it to my Mac and somehow configure R to use the repo ?

Is it better to set up a site with R blogdown and just move over files manually ?

Any other advice?



I found that the path of least resistance was to install RStudio on the server. The browser-based R-IDE was surprisingly good. Instead of trying to migrate things over, created a site using R Blogdown and copied themes, config and content over.

As a bonus I now have an awesome web-based IDE for data science on my homepage-server :slightly_smiling:

I’m utterly confused. What is RStudio and what is its relevance to Hugo?

In a Hugo-sense it´s just a tool which will produce an .md in a contents folder and place graphics a in the static folder. (And it handles Hugo installation and can start a local copy of the Hugo server). [*]

So how would I go about creating a smooth workflow between my Mac Hugo and my real server. Any tips would be good.

[*] Actually RStudio is awesome for data science and free and supports Hugo: http://rmarkdown.rstudio.com/