Added `s` to title in menu

Hi, I noticed that for all menu names s is added on the end.

  - name: Wycieczki
    pageRef: /wycieczki
    weight: 10
  - name: Modele
    pageRef: /modele
    weight: 20
  - name: Rower
    pageRef: /rower
    weight: 30

But then I can see that for example instead of Wycieczki I see: Wycieczkis
source looks like:

<h1 class="f2 f-subheadline-l fw2 light-silver mb0 lh-title">

Search the documentation for “pluralizeListTitles”.

Thank you @jmooring
added following: pluralizelisttitles: "false" to hugo.yaml and now all fine :slight_smile:

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Although we cast string values to boolean, you should get into the habit of:

pluralizelisttitles: false

No quotes for boolean values.

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