Add Hugo to winget-cli

The winget (Official Package Manager CLI for Windows) has been announced in the Microsoft Build 2020.

Adding Hugo to the CLI will be useful for Windows users. Is there anyone who wants to work on this?

I am not a Windows user so I cannot do it. I will leave some links which are helpful about contributing to the CLI instead.

The winget-pkgs assumes the same role as the Homebrew/homebrew-core.

Here is an example of a contribution to vim.


Willing to work on this.

Is there a link to the .exe alone? Winget doesn’t currently support .zip installers.

It seems like we need a msi-package of Hugo for this. That shouldn’t be too difficult…

Wonder if we should ask @/bep to add one to the official release source if possible.

Alternatively, we’d need somewhere to host the installers.

The latest manifest version 0.1.0 also supports .exe but it has not any script field to expand a ZIP file. Currently, We need the type of release asset which is not zipped.

Id: string # publisher.package format
Publisher: string # the name of the publisher
Name: string # the name of the application
Version: string # version numbering format
License: string # the open source license or copyright
InstallerType: string # enumeration of supported installer types (exe, msi, msix)
  - Arch: string # enumeration of supported architectures
    URL: string # path to download installation file
    Sha256: string # SHA256 calculated from installer
# ManifestVersion: 0.1.0

Y’all think it would be alright if I uploaded the unzipped folder to a personal repo, then linked to that?

It wouldn’t be official, but it’d be a workaround before we get an .exe.

We need opinions of maintainers before doing that.

The exe/msi needed is an installation setup, linking to the Hugo binary alone simply doesn’t make it.

Do you have an installation setup for Hugo?

Actually, that’s a fair point.

Somehow I’d thought just linking the .exe would have been alright.
Probably’ll have to wait for the maintainers first, and see what release assets they provide.

As to doing MSI as part of the build, happy to do it once this gets fixed:

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Just watching…

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I would love to see hugo added to winget

i’m not more so active on Windows, but used WiX - my suggestion!