Accessing Hugo development server from another computer in the network

I was able to get the development server up by doing ‘hugo server -D’. I am able to access it locally by going to

The ip address for the computer running Hugo server is I was expecting that I could go to any computer in my network and access the Hugo development server by going to in the browser. However, that does not work. I get an error in the browser. Since I’m trying to access this from within my network, there should not be any port forwarding issues in the router.

I was able to do sockstat -4 -l in my computer(freebsd) running Hugo and confirm that Hugo is listening in 1313. I can ping the ip successfully as well.

I’m not sure what could be going on. Is there anything inherent in Hugo that only accepts local connections? If yes, Any way to change that?

This has been asked and answered many times.

My bad. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction

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