Accepting array in nested shortcode

I am new to Hugo, and I know nothing about GoLang, so please excuse me if this is a noob question :slightly_smiling_face:. I searched everywhere and couldn’t find a solution for my scenario.

I am creating a project page on my blog using Hugo Shortcodes. I am using nested shortcodes as I need a container for project boxes. The problem is, I want to accept array or comma separated values, the values I want to import in a span so that I can show them as tags or may be a list. Here are my shortcodes:
Parent :

<div class="projects">


<div class="project" style="width: 18rem;">
    <div class="project__thumb">
        {{ if .Get "src" }}
        <img src="{{ .Get "src" | safeURL }}" {{ with .Get "alt" }} alt="{{ . | plainify }}"
            {{ end }}class="project-img-top">      
        {{ end }}
    <div class="project__body">
        {{if .Get "description"}}
            <p class="project__description">{{.Get "description" | markdownify}}</p>
        <div class="project__technologies">
            <!-- <span class="technology">Javascript</span> -->

            {{ .Get "technologies" | markdownify}}

Project technologies section is where I am failing to get the things right. I want to accept multiple values like "JavaScript, React" or like ["JavaScript", "React"] and I want to render them in span or li such as <span class="tags">Javascript</span> or <li>Javascript</li>.

Is it possible in Hugo, or do I need to try any alternative approach and what that should be ? Appreciate your help.

{{< child src="foo" alt="bar" description="baz" technologies="Wibble|Wobble|Wubble" >}}

Use split to create a slice from the pipe-delimited string, then range through the slice.