Objects in Shortcodes

Hey Guys,

Do shortcode named parameters accept hashes or an array of hashes as the parameter value or is it only a single string value per parameter? Can a json or toml object be passed in?


String values.

Thanks for the reply bjornerik.

One last question on this though. Can you have shortcode within another shortcode or will this break?

Nested shortcodes work fine.

But those string values can of course be keys to objects in data files, see:

nested shortcodes do not work fine for me.
I have a shortcode with another shortcode inside it.

{{% foo %}}   some content  {{ % /foo %}}

Where foo shortcode is

{{% bar %}}  {{ .Inner }} {{% /bar %}}

and it breaks on unexpected "%" in command error.

Check your syntax. You have one space too much.