Academic Theme: Events and Talks get mixed up on home


I’m using the academic template and have duplicated the event to also include a widget called talks. In the menu, if I click on talks I get the talks found under the folder content/talk, and same for events. However, on the first page, under events, I get a duplicate of the talks.

I’m using an old version of Hugo: Hugo Static Site Generator v0.49

Any tips would be highly appreciated.


The Academic theme is a very complex theme and its current iteration is even more complex than what you are using currently.

It’s difficult to support this type of theme because troubleshooting it can be very time consuming.

However if someone has the time to look into this issue, it would be best if you shared the source code of your project, since a description is not enough.

Hi and thanks for the swift reply.

I would not mind sharing the source code if someone is interested. Do let me know and I will share the theme and the changes I have made.