[Academic] Navbar scroll misaligned

I’m using Academic v3.1.0 (I know, ancient by now), but I’ve recently noticed when I make a selection from the navbar the screen scrolls to where it should be, but offset by about 1 pixel into the previous section. This causes the navbar to highlight the previous section rather than the desired one. Here’s the webpage: https://jbrussell.github.io/

The About, Research, and Presentations sections work as expected for me, but the ones following do not. Is there a place (perhaps in hugo-academic.js) that I can simply add a fudge factor to offset the scroll by a few pixels?

I’ve tried making the following changes in github for a similar issue in a recent version of Academic, but nothing seemed to work:
github commits [55228b7], [4a7f4dc], [a8c4f88]

I seem to have fixed the problem by adding a buffer of 5 pixels to the scrolling function in line 69 of themes/academic/static/js/hugo-academic.js:
scrollTop: $(hash).offset().top - navbar_offset
scrollTop: $(hash).offset().top - navbar_offset + 5