About `time.Format` for Chinese

I’d like to use the time.Format to display the localized date time, specifically in Chinese.
But I found that the translated date is converted only if the language is set to zh.

The config I’m using is like below:

    languageName = 'Chinese'
    weight = 20
    contentDir = 'content/cn'

which use cn as Chinese and I put all Chinese posts under content/cn.

Then I tried to move all contents to content/zh and change the config to

    languageName = 'Chinese'
    weight = 20
    contentDir = 'content/zh'

In this way, the date is indeed displayed in Chinese. But the url is also changed to <baseURL>/zh/<post-title>.

How to change the setting to keep the post url like <baseURL>/cn/<post-title>, but shows the date time in Chinese?

Thanks a lot.

This is not currently possible.

There are at least of couple of related issues:

Thanks for the reply.
Is there any plan to support this feature like adding a config item under language to specify the matching locale name?

See my previous comment.