A Hugo theme that connects to any headless CMS


I wanted to share an interesting feature i’ve added to one of my themes “Hugo Serif” https://github.com/JugglerX/hugo-serif-theme

I’ve integrated it with Stackbit, which is a bit like Netlify (actually it deploys the site to Netlify) but it also lets you connect any of the following headless CMS including NetlifyCMS, Forestry, DatoCMS and Contentful. So you can add a 1 click CMS deployment to any Hugo theme in theory.

The main part of the intergation is adding the stackbit.yaml file in the root. Basically you “map” your markdown files frontmatter and any JSON data to a content model that Stackbit understands. Then Stackbit uses this to provide each CMS with the field mappings they need.

You can then “import” my theme into Stackbit using a plain URL - Check it: https://app.stackbit.com/create?theme=https://github.com/JugglerX/hugo-serif-theme

Pretty awesome!