A beautiful theme To hugo

Yelee is a very beautiful theme that i like very much, Is there any one could migrate it to Hugo? thanks very much.

The people working on this project are volunteers so, what most people do is to take a journey to learn hugo, while learning the basics of how to build a modern website. There are a lot of themes already ported, so you should be able to find something that looks like that theme you like.


Hi @sanghai,

Yelee, as well as the original Yilla, are both very nice themes.
I was even thinking of trying my hands on this exercise to study Hexo and Hugo themes in depth.

However, one thing is holding me (and anyone else) back: Neither https://github.com/MOxFIVE/hexo-theme-yelee nor https://github.com/litten/hexo-theme-yilia lists any LICENSE…

If you really, really, want that theme ported to Hugo, the very first thing to do is to contact the original theme authors and ask them to clarify the license they place on these themes.