3 column blogging "g+" theme (looking for a starting point)

I’m not too good at building themes and doing web design. I’m not expecting to find a finished theme, but I am hoping to find a good starting point. Or just any good suggestions on how to implement parts of this.

While others may not like it, I do like the 3-column card style used by google plus. I trend to make a bunch of short posts (with 1-2 pictures usually), and the occasional long detailed post. I was hoping to find someone had made a theme based on it for hugo, but not only did I not find one, I didn’t find it for other platforms either. The closest I have found is the mediumish theme. That may end up being my starting point.

What I’m looking to ultimately end up with:

  • three columns, with all the columns being dedicated to posts. Most 3 columns themes have one column for posts, and the others for meta
  • each post is like a card with Category, date on the top, text, any photos on the bottom, and a read more button.
  • for a post with images, some sort of lightbox or similar integration that pops up the image(s). I’ve integrated hugo easy gallery before (along with thumbnail resource generation). It gets a bit tricky dealing with relative links in previews, but doable.
  • infinite scrolling (though I could toss this… if someone scrolls 50 posts/pages, they can click a next page deal).

And here’s an example of a portion of my feed. With G+ at EOL, I’ve been exporting and converting my posts there to markdown/hugo.