0.55.3 breaks start page


with the version 0.55… the entry page of my blogs are broken.

My Github Repo

Under folder layout is the entry page which include partials from layout/partials/home folder. With 0.54. works all fine but with 0.55 all breaks. The rest is all fine working. The result is the blog entry page with tags but without content. I become no error.

Maybe someone can explain what happen there? I read the notes but I understand not what is the point in my config.

Thank you

When you run hugo server, do you get any more info if you add the --verbose switch?

Try removing line 13 of your project’s config and see if this fixes the problem.

If the above does fix the problem, as I wrote before in another topic some time ago, never configure empty taxonomies because weird things can happen.

If you want to disable a taxonomy use disableKinds instead.

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After a cursory look, I think there were changes to .Pages, so, try:

{{ range first 3 (where .Pages "Type" "blog") }}

… in your blog partial, instead of .Site.Pages.

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Well done :slight_smile: the first problem fix @alexandros and the next problem which come after them fix @RickCogley.

Thank you so much.