Youtube shortcode in .YML File

I am trying to render youtube video from .Yml file which is in data folder. by using this piece of shortcode but it is nott working. Anyone with any suggestions

{{ <youtube> }} "Id of youtube video" {{ </youtube> }}

Sounds like you’re trying to use shortcodes in layouts, but shortcodes are for content documents only.

Hint. Try to get access to the data from the template first, make sure that the code works, and then we will discuss how to transfer this code to the shotcode.

Hi @Mikhail I have already done it and the code was working f9 even I have changed some data file in markdown files by using |markdownify. But how to use shortcodes in data file?

hi @budparr . Yeah you are right but we can also use shortcodes without markdown and I am doing the same.