Workspace better than replacements?

Workspace is new for me, and so far the readings I’ve done gives me the impression that:

  1. it’s for local dev (at least primarily intended for that)
  2. similar to replacements

My question then is, am I correct in understanding that it is a better way to do module replacements?

The “old way”: ./config/development/module.toml

replacements = [
  " -> /local/path/to/module",
  " -> /local/path/to/module2"

The “new way”: ./

go 1.19

use .
use ../relative/path/to/module
use ../relative/path/to/module2

Then I simply have to add and in .gitignore so I don’t accidentally upload it and automatically trigger workspace to ‘on’ in deployment?

Thank you and have a warm holiday break!