Windows image for sale?

Slightly off topic*: Anyone know where to buy an ISO Windows image to use to boot in a VM on Linux?

Of course prepared to pay for it. Fuck Microsofy; do they want to sell?

– it might be on topic if I was going to use it to fix Windows bugs in Hugo. You wish. No, I got a paying customer where I need this, but I do not need it so badly that I want to boot into that shit …

I know that modern IE was offering an iso download for IE testing, I’m assuming it comes with windows maybe?

OK, so I ended up …

  • Buying a retail Windows 8.1 DVD. Got the last they had in a computer store in town.
  • … and since I don’t have any DVD player in my laptop I … drum roll … bought a USB DVD reader/burner that I probably will use only that one time.