Wikilink does not handle headings

Well, there is a bug with wikilinks. If I have a wikilink to the specific heading of the article, hugo is not going to handle it correctly. For example

[[Article how cool hugo is#It is really fast]] converts to site/Article-how-cool-hugo-is/#It is really fast, while generated heading id is it-is-really-fast, so anchor is incorrect.

btw TOC generates a correct link like site/Article-how-cool-hugo-is/#it-is-really-fast.

For me this feature is essential, so if you could fix this, I would very appreciate.

Do you create your content in org files (emacs) or markdown?


This style of link (e.g., [[/some/page]]) is not a markdown feature, so I suspect you or the author of a theme/module that you are using has implemented some search/replace code in one of the templates.

Which theme are you using?