Why might styles.css stop rendering after creating a 'layout/partials' directory?


I’m posting this following opening an issue for the hugo-academic theme.

Using both raw hugo and blogdown, I’ve noticed that creating a directory called partials within the /layouts directory of a site (i.e., to overwrite partials from hugo-academic), even if that partials directory is empty, will cause hugo-academic to stop creating styles.css in the public folder. Running hugo on the directory does not give any errors.

Puzzlingly, this problem seems to persist even after deleting the layouts/partials directory. I’ve replicated this multiple times on my system over the past two days.

Does this behavior replicate on anyone else’s system, or with other themes? This happens using both the latest release of hugo-academic (v2.4.0), as well as the latest commit on the master branch (74a9bb3).

I would be grateful for any advice about why hugo is behaving this way.

Do you see that behavior with other themes? That will let us pinpoint if this is an issue with that theme, your hugo install, or perhaps something else. :slight_smile: