Why image in the footer loads only on home page?

Homepage: https://goofy-blackwell-26de45.netlify.com/
Single recipe page: https://goofy-blackwell-26de45.netlify.com/recipe/thai-curry-with-chickpeas/

I have the image in footer that is loaded from folder static/img/avatar.jpg but it only shows on the home page. If you click on first recipe for example, that page that opens dont have image in the footer. The footer is defined in layouts/_default/baseof.html

And the code for footer is this:

  <div class="container right">
    <div class="footer-container">
      <picture class="avatar round">
        <source media="(min-width: 1200px)" srcset="img/avatar.jpg" type="image/jpeg">
        <source media="(min-width: 1000px)" srcset="img/avatar.jpg" type="image/jpeg">
        <source media="(min-width: 600px)" srcset="img/avatar.jpg" type="image/jpeg">
        <source srcset="img/avatar.jpg" type="image/jpeg">
        <img src="img/avatar.jpg" type="image/jpeg" alt="curryandlove profile photo">
      <div class="footer-cta-container">
        <h1 class="site-title">
          <a class="site-title-link neutral" href="/">{{ .Site.Title }}</a>
        <div class="social-cta-container">
          <a class="button cta icon" href="{{ .Site.Params.fb_url }}">Facebook</a>
          <a class="button cta icon" href="{{ .Site.Params.ig_url }}">Instagram</a>
          <a class="button cta icon" href="{{ .Site.Params.pinterest_url }}">Pinterest</a>

Try adding a slash in front of the image path:


Looks like I did something wrong, when I was testing the same thing. Im glad that you wrote the solution so I tried it again. and now its working well. Thanks for your help, I appreciate