Why don't .IsMenuCurrent and .HasMenuCurrent work on leaf bundle pages?

Just came across this limitation and I don’t see the reason why it would be this way.

This workaround is ok:

<a {{if eq $page.URL .URL}} class="active" {{end}}>Link to a single page / leaf bundle</a>

However, one can’t use .HasMenuCurrent to check whether a menu entry’s child is active and display accordingly.

The only solution for it to work that I’ve found is to not use a leaf bundle even if it won’t have children pages, just because it has a corresponding menu entry.

  • Is this the intended behavior? If so, shouldn’t we documment it somehow?
  • Why have single pages’ page objects have a .IsMenuCurrent method that does nothing?

Are your menu entries defined in front matter, or in site configuration?

They’re defined in the site’s config.

The use-case I’m referring to is for a menu which contents don’t depend on the current page, and that maps the entire site’s structure(or to a certain depth).

Is this not the ideal approach for this requirement? If not, what would be better?


In your site configuration, use pageref instead of url when referencing pages.


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Thank you very much!

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