Why adding resources directory change the site deployment

I have a test photos website Test Folio which is deployed with vercel.
When resources/** is not included in the file .gitignore everything is going well and the deployment is successful (note that 98 images are processed trough the site building).

When resources/** is included in the file .gitignore I got the following error in the deployment issue :
ERROR 2023/05/07 13:59:41 render of "page" failed: "/vercel/path0/themes/folio/layouts/_default/single.html:14:5": execute of template failed: template: _default/single.html:14:5: executing "main" at <partial "gallery" .>: error calling partial: partial "gallery" timed out after 30s. This is most likely due to infinite recursion. If this is just a slow template, you can try to increase the 'timeout' config setting.
Note that I already increase the timeout value to timeout = 100000

That is the only difference between successfull deployment and failed deployment.
Would someone mind explain me the reason for this particular behaviour and how to solve it if possible

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Processed images are cached in the resources directory. If you check that directory into source control, Vercel doesn’t have to process the images when it builds your site.

Working under the assumption that Vercel is very slow, let’s increase the timeout value to something very large.

You set timeout = 100000 in your site configuration.

  1. Make sure this setting is in the root configuration table, not under some other table (e.g., [params]).
  2. The timeout value is expressed as either a duration (e.g., “10m” = 10 minutes) or as milliseconds (e.g., 100000 = 100 seconds).

Set timeout = "10m" and test again.

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Your are the best !!
I did exactly what you have proposed and it works !

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