Where to store pages like 'about' and 'contact'?

In Jekyll, I could have a different folder with the pages and then include them in the config.yml. However, having the pages inside the content folder in Hugo also shows them in the paginated sections of the index and taxonomy. I would like to avoid this and have them separated.

The natural place for these pages is the content directory.
If you are having them show up in unexpected places that is due to the project’s setup.

For example if you are using some kind of a global pagination construct and you need to explicitly exclude these pages by first assigning a front matter parameter in their content files
e.g. unpaginate = true and then use something like:
where .Pages ".Params.unpaginate" "!=" true
or similar in the list template.

Also users have complete control over which pages appear in taxonomy lists through front matter parameters. Therefore if you need to remove a page from a taxonomy make sure to remove the respective parameter from the content file.

I will try that. I have grouped posts by folders in the content directory, so even the directory name shows in the paginated list. How do I unpaginate that?

Please see the Requesting Help guidelines.

Me or the others in this forum cannot know your project’s setup and without seeing it, we cannot answer your question.

I am using the default setup. No theme. Trying to mimick Jekyll. But Hugo is hard to setup that I thought compared to, say, Eleventy.

Figured this out.

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