Where do I specify in the code for a layout or partial to be utilized?

When hugo decides to use index.html or partial_name_here.html template for a specific page of the website (lets say, a category page), how does hugo decide to use partial_name_here.html?

I know you can specify partials or layouts to use in index.html, and you can specify layouts in markdown pages using type and layout front matter, but how does hugo know to use a layout for the categories or tags taxonomy pages?

How is this related to taxonomies?

My apologies, I changed this to a general support request

The home page of the Diary theme has nothing to do with taxonomies, so… I don’t understand what you want.

I’m just trying to have one of the index.html layouts with hugo code in it be it’s own page on my website

mkdir -p layouts/lists
cp themes/diary/layouts/index.html layouts/lists/all.html
hugo new lists/all/_index.md


title = 'All'
date = 2023-08-25T13:58:39-07:00
draft = false
layout = 'all`

Then visit http://localhost:1313/lists/all/

You can use the same approach to create a list of anything, anywhere.

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Thank you!

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