Where did this doc on "noopener" go?

I saw this PR on “noopener”, referred from How to Open Link in New Tab with Hugo's new Goldmark Markdown Renderer in v0.62.0 - #7 by h-enk.

However, I don’t seem to be able to find the line in the current doc. Where did it go?

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Check this one. Its part of Html not Hugo:

Sorry for not being clear, I meant I couldn’t find the changed line in the PR in the current hugo document.

you are referring to a PR that was merged long time ago on May 11, 2020.

The current version of that document looks very different nowadays. and the part your are searching for has gone somewhere in the last >40 commits to the file.

If you want to track that down, you will have to track the git history.

For a specific question on functionality or a problem you have, I would recommend to create a new topic.

I intentionally removed that example from the documentation. By showing an example of opening an external link in a new tab, users reached the conclusion that they should open external links in new tabs. There is almost never a good reason to do so:


One of the current examples for link render hooks shows how to set the rel attribute to external for external links, which you can then style to indicate they are external links.


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