When will canonifyURL be removed from hugoThemes build script?

canonifyURL is getting removed (probably) from hugo
and is currently giving trouble (e.g. with resources):

The generateThemeSite.sh uses


Up to Hugo V 0.42.2 this worked for my theme

  src='{{ $myImage.Permalink    }}'

where $myImage is a processed image (e.g. $myResource.Resize “300x”)

But starting with hugo V 0.43.0 this no longer works - if canonifyURL is used and Site.BaseURL is something like http://example.com/foo/bar/
There is no issue without canonifyURL.

So if the plan is to drop the canonifyURL support anyway - when will the forced usage of canonifyURL for hugoThemes be removed?

As a workaround I currently use:

  src='{{.Site.BaseURL}}/{{ $myImage.RelPermalink }}'

Turns out, that did not the trick.
I’m currently using

{{- $myBaseUrlSubDirs := replaceRE `^(http(s)?)?://(.*?)/` `` .Site.BaseURL }}
{{- if not (findRE (printf "^/%s" $myBaseUrlSubDirs) $myImage.RelPermalink) }}
 {{- .Scratch.Set `myImagePermalinkWorkaround` (replaceRE `^/` `` $myImage.RelPermalink ) }}
{{- end }}

{{- $myImagePermalinkWorkaround := (.Scratch.Get `myImagePermalinkWorkaround`) | default $myImage.RelPermalink }}

  src='{{ $myImagePermalinkWorkaround | absURL  }}'

so removing the leading / - if BaseURL defines subdirs
Looks like this works whether canonifyURL is given (as for the hugoTheme site) or not.
(Tested with this repo)