What options do we have for gzip?


There’s an issue (#1251) on Github that discusses gzipping, but isn’t practical yet and has no milestone added. So I was looking for a way to do gzipping myself.

What efficient implementation do you recommend/use yourself?

I use Gulp with the AWS publish plugin:

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Thanks, I already use AWS so that’s something I could use. I was hoping for something more simple, however, since I don’t know Gulp and my regex skills aren’t that good.

Googling my query showed several Linux command line examples, but I don’t know Linux either. :slight_smile:

A simpler tool:

Alternative: Put Cloudflare in front of your site.

This gives you caching, minification (!), gzipping (!!), and HTTPS (!!!) for free.

Is cloudflare free?

You have to allow them to control your DNS, which is why I haven’t done it…

Yes, Cloudflare is free. Though, as @jeffreycentex mentions, you have to use Cloudflare’s DNS.

The price is “free” because gzip, minification, caching and HTTPS aren’t their core business. Their core business is their web application firewall product. The free tier comes with a very very basic version of that, but you have to pay to get more advanced features. That’s how they convert you to a paying customer.