What is the best hosting services for hugo in term of features wise?

I would like to convert my WP site into Hugo site. While knowing that Hugo is static, I still would like to keep some essential features if possible. At the same time, hosting Hugo site on different servers has distinct feature limitation( I assume)
Let’s say we would like our Hugo sites have the following features:
1.contact form (ideally, we don’t need use paid third party, if not, any self-host, or google form can do the job?)
2.online chat.(wonder if we can use rocket.chat with Hugo site).

On https://gohugo.io, we can see
Host on AWS Amplify
host on Netlify
Host on Render
Host on Firebase
Host on GitHub
Host on GitLab
Hosting on KeyCDN
Host on Cloudflare Pages

Can we host Hugo site on GitHub.com still have the above features ? if not, Any of the above hosting services can meet the feature requirements?
Thank you.

  1. If a google form works the embed is probably the easiest.
  2. Online chat can be done with Rocketchat or tawk.to or any other embed-able chat system.

Since they are both embeds you can host anywhere that points to a DNS to the files Hugo has created.

If you are looking for a CMS to manage content I can personally recommend Cloud Cannon.

If you’re in post-secondary education, Reclaim Hosting is just outstanding. Not expensive, great service, and you can run a bunch of other stuff on their servers if you need. I’ve been using them for many many years now, and they’ve been great to work with.

I use an off-menu tier above “organizational” because I need more storage than the 3 listed tiers offer, but it’s still really inexpensive.