What is a verified bug?

When I submit what appears to be a bug to github issues I am told only verified bugs can be reported there, and it is suggested I bring up the issue here. How is a bug verified?

FYI, the bug I reported is that the figure shortcode does not center images when class=“center” is specified and .center is defined as needed in a CSS file.

Does the rendered figure element have the class center on it, e.g: <figure class="center> ?

If it does then it clearly not a Hugo bug but an issue with your css or html, neither of which anyone could help you with if you don’t provide any other information.


I provided the details with the github issues submission that was closed because
the bug was not verified. Here is a complete example illustrating the issue,
using hugo-book theme.

  1. Place this CSS into assets/_custom.scss:
.center {
    display: block;
    margin-left: auto;
    margin-right: auto;
    width: 50%;
  1. Define a shortcode in layouts/shortcodes/imgcenter.html
    that uses simple HTML to center an image:
<img src="{{ .Get 0 }}" alt="Missing" class="center">
  1. Create this markdown file in content/docs/imgtest.md:
title: "Imgtest"

{{< imgcenter "/images/foo.jpg" >}}

{{< figure src="/images/foo.jpg" alt="Missing" class="center" >}}
  1. Results: The first line using imgcenter shortcode centers the image, but the line
    using figure shortcode does not, even though both shortcodes use the same CSS.
    Testing was done using Hugo 0.117.0 under Windows (and an older version under
    Ubuntu Linux).

No, you didn’t. You posted the same isolated things you did just now.

Enclose code in three backticks like so
code goes here
And please remove the other formatting from your post – you can still edit it.

As to your questions:

  • An isolated CSS doesn’t show us (nor anybody) anything.
  • Nor does isolated MD

In any case: You do not have a Hugo question. Hugo does not maim your CSS.

If you want to resolve your perceived issue, you have to tackle it systematically. A first sensible step would be to look at your HTML in your browser’s developer tools and check which attributes are applied to which elements. Posting isolated pieces of whatever is not systematic.

Thanks for the tips. I applied edits to make the post more systematic.

If the center class appears in the genereated HTML, this is a theme or CSS issue.

You would get more precise support if you would let us see your code.

I’m confused by the comment I see at the end of this thread: topic will close two days after last comment.

I have never seen this kind of time limit on topics before?

For the third time: this is not a Hugo issue. Either raise your concerns with the theme author, or raise your CSS questions on Stack Overflow or similar.

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