What does "h2" stand for in generated image filenames?

The deeper question is I am trying to figure out why it is processing some of my images twice, example:


One has a _h2 in there, why is this? What does it denote?

We would need to see your code to answer that question, but your example shows that the original image is rendered to both JPEG and WebP.

The “h2” in the cache key denotes the hint option in the image processing spec, applicable to WebP images only (1 = picture, 2 = photo, etc.).

You are right, I completely missed that. However I am not converting any images to jpg in any of my code. Does it also put the source image in the resources directory?

Yes, you are, somewhere: template, partial, shortcode, render hook. Maybe in a theme or module.

Once again you are right! Thanks a lot :sweat_smile:. I was only searching in .html files, turns out I converted to jpg in an xml file.

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