Website not updating simultaneously

I am editing the config.toml file and have run my website on my local server i.e. http://localhost:1313/. I am in the host directory and making changes simultaneously using atom using the atom . command keeping the website running simultaneously ,however there are no changes that I can observe on my localhost website.Can someone please tell me what is going wrong?
Thank you!!

Not sure what you mean by using atom using the atom . command but please post your config and the output of hugo server. The latter will list a row of files it is “monitoring”. Is the changed file in that list? Then let’s continue with your config.toml. if not, let’s continue with your config.toml :wink: but we already know it’s not reloading due to it not being monitored.

If the . command is not running hugo server then start at that point.

It worked Thanks.Just pressing command+s updated the page. :laughing:

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