Web-Based Editor?


Meteor has a package for markdown editing… not sure how it could compliment hugo but I thought id throw it out there - https://themeteorchef.com/recipes/building-a-markdown-editor/


I think an elegant solution would be to have a separate executable that:

  • points to a git repository that is a Hugo project
  • is aware of Hugo organization and behavior
  • provides a front-end
    • editing
    • tagging
    • authentication
  • uses Git to track revisions


Am currently working on an inline CMS using getcontenttools.com as the editor.

I made an up-front decision to keep the structure and format limited in order to create something that will be beautiful and functional. Certainly there’s little scope to cover all of Hugo’s features. Nonetheless I thought I’d share as it might give some inspiration on design etc.

Note - My original plan was to use Jekyll, but Hugo came out on top for various reasons. So I’ll switch in due course. As such the nomenclature is a bit wrong, I refer to the <article> and <section> elements, but really should be Section and Partial to use Hugo terms.

I’ve read a gooood portion of this thread, but not all of it. Time to crack on.


jekyll just got an admin - perhaps a hugo port/API compatible version could be made?


We’ve just released a web-based CMS that supports almost any static website generator, Hugo included.

Here you can read how it works in detail, and take a look at a sample Hugo website that we built to show how integration is possible: https://www.datocms.com/docs/ssg/hugo/

Feedbacks are very welcome, obviously :slightly_smiling:


Multi-talented, influential early figure of German Romanticism E. T. A. Hoffmann (Wikipedia, Britannica and TheLiteraryLink) comes to mind.

As a further homage to the Go language (presumably true of the name “Hugo”), two famous authors Johann Wolfgang von Goethe & Nikolai Gogol and painter Francisco Goya come to mind, as well as the surnames Vogue and Vogel (which boast some authors, and incorporate “go” spelled backwards).

Nikolai Gogol is my favorite. His name includes “go” spelled twice: both backwards and forwards. I won’t mention that his name is similar to “Google” (but there, I did). :wink:


I’ve spent a little more time with my CMS.

It’s prescriptive with the HTML structure so not a great fit for many people.


This topic has quite a number of posts, perhaps I missed it but I would like to suggest you try GitLab Pages. Gitlab has a feature called Shared Runners which will build your Hugo site. You can use the Gitlab editor to make changes and posts to your site and once you commit your changes the Gitlab runners will rebuild your site. Whilst this will require your users to have a Gitlab account, I think most users can be taught to edit their sites online.

You can use custom domains. Shared runners are free at the time I wrote this comment.


This might be relevant for anyone developing a solution:


Have you all seen Forestry? http://forestry.io

It claims to auto generate a CMS based on Hugo & Jekyll codebases and looks pretty straightforward.


I’m getting on quite well with Forestry. The preview part is good, but it’s struggling with my shortcodes.


Please send them feedback (scott@forestry.io) and reproducible bug reports if you can. I know they’re working hard on ironing out the kinks.


@samozzy I’d love to learn more about your issues with shortcodes. can you email me: scott at forestry.io?



Looks like Forestry has had a slew of updates since I last used it! Previews were working (with shortcodes) great the other day (~30th Oct), but are now throwing errors. Will check back in the week and drop you a line if the issues persist.

Web Editor Progress?

@samozzy We fixed an issue with shortcodes last week. I can’t guarantee it was the issue you are having but give it a try and let me know.


Hey everyone, we just rolled out a huge update to our Hugo CMS at Forestry.io. I go into detail here but I’ll include some bullet points below. I’d love to know what you think! :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:

What’s new?

  • Slick, redesigned UI (mobile friendly)
  • New editor, inspired by Medium.com (flip between Markdown/HTML and WYSIWYG)
  • Remote UI - deploy the CMS to your static site and access it via mysite.com/admin/
  • Custom branding - replace the forestry logo with your own


I have a project called Urdown which is a bi-directional markdown editor. I use it to edit my markdown files. It can download markdown files from a URL, or load/save them from/to your computer. In addition you can get a stand-alone HTML output that you can just copy/past into your website.

Check it out here. The default language is Urdu, but you can change it from the dropdown. Hope this helps.


Hey, is this the one https://github.com/netlify/netlify-cms?


Just a quick update… we just changed the URL of our documentation, here’s the new one: https://docs.datocms.com/

We also added a new, in-depth guide that covers everything needed to integrate DatoCMS with Hugo. If you have further questions, I’m here to help :slightly_smiling:


Just crosslinking from a topic I’ve just posted. Yet another CMS that works with Hugo:

By scrolling to the bottom of this huuuge thread I’ve discovered some CMS for Hugo which look promising. will look at them… sorry to have missed them.