Virus reported on the 32bit Win Release

When downloading the file in official releases a virus FuerBoos has been detected by Miscrosoft Security Essentials.
I tried to scan online with VirusTotal and a Trojan has been detected as well (TrojanWIsdomEyes).
Is it false detection or something else ?

I’m pretty sure this is a false positive. If you search the Google you get simliar reports:!cl+golang&oq=Trojan%3AWin32%2FFuerboos.C!cl+golang&gs_l=psy-ab.3...1206.9449.0.9572.…0…1c.1j2.64.psy-ab…0.0.0…0.Vvw04JYZiJM

You do not get any “detection” on the 64 bit Windows release.

Hugo builds its binaries on a Linux CI cerver in a Docker container based in an official Go image by the Golang team (the binaries are never near my personal PC).

But as in all free software: It is ultimately your own decision if you want to use it.

Curious: why do you use the 32 bit version?

To test Hugo in local, I am using an old PC with Windows 7 32 bits operating system.