Version of sass in hugo extended

am I correct in assuming that the extended version has a baked in sass parser? If so, what’s is the latest version? I seem to be running into feature trouble with @import nested in an scss block.

Hugo Static Site Generator v0.75.0-DEV/extended openbsd/amd64 BuildDate: unknown

the style map.css file has the following header:

	"version": 3,
	"file": "style.css",

my installed sass is at:

$ sass --version
Sass 3.5.5 

Latest Hugo is v3.6.4 of LibSASS – not sure what Hugo 0.75 was …


There is a discussion about Dart Sass in another recent thread.

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yes I followed that one. Looking forward to playing with dart sass. I’ll recompile hugo then…

Is there a way to have the sass processor version added to hugo env?

No, but you can trace back the version starting here:


followup problem with this configuration layout where assets share the same directory as layouts:

Using hugo server I get a properly rendered <link> tag in the browser. However, when I do a static build, the <style> content gets turned into <link rel="stylesheet" href="#ZgotmplZ">.

The stylesheet gets built and placed in the expected place. I’m using the standard example in the documentation and cannot jump to a solution from existing support queries.