Version 0.97 issues

Hi there,

After upgrading to version 0.97.0, various pictures, such as the logo, icons, and a few static images, vanished. The logo is now visible after upgrading to version 0.97.1, but other icons and png icons, such as those used on the map, are still not visible.

Is there a workaround I can use while I wait for a fix or a newer version? since 0.97.1 is the most recent version available on brew.

Warning: hugo 0.97.1 already installed


I have updated hugo 0.97.0 to 0.97.2 with brew upgrade hugo last night successfully.

EDIT: Debian, hugo v0.97.2+extended linux/amd64

I suppose each platform’s release is different. I, for example, use a Mac. Is the image issue resolved for you now that you’ve upgraded to the latest version?


TBH: I never had an image issue :wink:

If I understand posts like this correctly (it’s for 0.97.0) the brew packages for Linux and Mac should be the same. But ???

Maybe also interesting for you: Expected behavior of aliases with `hugo server` - #2 by cshoredaniel

i think it is not a good idea to upgrade hugo straight away i will give 1-2 weeks now before upgrading the version. the link you shared have a suggestion

recommend wait for the v0.97.3 and roll back to the v0.97.0

but i had the issue with version 0.97.0 so i suppose i have to go back before that version and wait for 0.97.3 to be released.


downgrading hugo is a painfull procees trying to remember and search how i did it the last time.