Variables in markdown

I tried to use a variable in markdown like {{ }} but it doesn’t parse that. Is there a way around it?

No. You can use only shortcodes inside .md content.

You can use this variable either from within the shortcode or from the single.html template.

@alexandros what would that look like (the variable from within a shortcode)? I don’t want to touch the single.html . It is decoupled as a theme so I don’t want to put anything directly about me into it

See this from yesterday. Particularly the last code block applies in your case.

Sorry I can’t elaborate further as I’m out.

Thanks mate

I’ve come across the same issue, but shortcodes wont really solve my situation. If I wanted to do something like include an external file, read values from data, or even basic itteration from a markdown file, then I can’t. Creating a shortcode for each case I need to use it just feels horrible!

Ideally, opt-in rendering of markdown content would be awesome. Is there any reason it’s not supported? Every ticket i’ve seen just says use shortcodes, which doesn’t really work in my case.

Actually you can use the full range of Hugo’s template functions for things like that without shortcodes.

All you need to do is create a partial in your single.html template, that will be rendered only if a front-matter parameter exists.

Within this partial you can get a different file or data values by specifying a URL in yet another front-matter parameter (if it exists).

Or even iterate over a set of other parameters and render them e.g. in a list.

There are ways to control how parts of your content are rendered with Hugo.

I wonder why. I think variables in Markdown files would be great. I need to double check but I’m pretty sure you can do it with Jekyll.

I’m certain you can do it with Jekyll. But it isn’t a big deal anyway. One thing I learned from migrating from Jekyll is to keep my markdown as decent as possible. Less shortcodes and if possible no variables at all but it’d be a nice to have. Also using backtics to make code pretexts over using some shortcode by the framework

  • Having code in content is a bad idea in general (I could debate the “why” here, but there are plenty of resources online)
  • Shortcodes is a good compromise, it supplies a fine separation of content and logic/layout
  • With Hugo >= 0.24 you can use full template syntax in Archetype files used by hugo new, which is cooler than it sounds.

@bep Even with the new 0.52 inlineShortcodes we aren’t allowed to access variables directly from the markdown?

See this thread about the Param shortcode: