Variables and functions in HTML content format files

I am using a html file instead of a markdown file for a specific page, and would like to use hugo functionality usable in markdown templates.

Specifically, I would like to use the {{ .TableOfContents }} to render TOC, and the page URL parameter to render a link a read-on link at the end of the summary text defined in the front matter.

Even though HTML is explicitly mentioned as an alternative content format to markdown it seems that the hugo normal functionality is not available in html content files. I have not found any information on this.

In the past I have created an empty markdown file for just the front matter and a layout for just a single content page which enables the use of some functionality in the layout, but when it is for a single content page I would like to make use of them in the content file - as I would expect being able to when it is an alternative content format.

Am I missing something? Or is this indeed as I concluded? Html content files do not support template functionality - hugo variables and functions?

You can use HTML, but you must include a frontmatter!

I do.

I may be mixing up the functionality of markdown interpretation and html templates though…

Rendering a shortcode works fine, but a partial {{ partial "footer" . }} renders as-is, as text, without interpretation.

But I see now that that does not work in markdown either. :frowning: oh well, I’ll have to go through layout templates then.

you can use shortcodes